Flashin’ Fashion






This year for New Years I threw a kick ass party at my house! My best friends E and C helped me prepare. We baked SO MANY delicious things. Like cake balls and sopapilla cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie oreo brownies. YEA. And we had a chocolate fountain. And pretty much enough food to feed an army. On top of that we dressed up to the NINES. Like, boys wearing suits and girls wearing gowns. This is what I ended up wearing. I couldn’t resist the high low hem or the cutouts all the way around the dress. I stuck to the green theme and accessorized with green pumps from Nine West and a green velvet bow from American Apparel. I’m wearing silver jewelry. Needless to say it was an AWESOME night. I used up all of my film for my polaroid camera, kissed a ton of people (not as many as E hahaha) and danced my butt off. Couldn’t have started the New Year Off any better (: Stay tuned for pictures of E’s dress and C’s dress as well as more pics from the party :]


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