I Know It’s a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird

Dear P,


Mockingbirds are some of the meanest birds of the animal kingdom. Blue-jays are one of their few equals in spite. The reason mockingbirds imitate noises around them is that they want to intimidate other male mockingbirds. I am reporting this because a mockingbird just flew into my head.

You know which birds are not mean? Passenger Pigeons.


Passenger pigeons were very friendly, lived in large groups, and benefited many different kinds of tree with their bird-poo. They became extinct because their flocks were so large that they seemed infinite.

Under Texas state law, it is illegal to kill a mockingbird, while we managed to kill off every single passenger pigeon that ever existed. The last one was named Martha and died in 1914.

I don’t know, P. Humankind is just kind of upsetting some days. We fail to appreciate lovely things in large quantities and place value on odd things for mysterious reasons.




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