On the Disaster Today

Dear P,

I am so, so grateful that you are safe. It makes my heart feel cold to think of how close you were to the explosions today.

I feel guilty for the powerful relief I have been feeling all day. While I didn’t lose my best friend, somebody else did. According to the CIA census, an average of 154,889 people die every day. Today, three of them were at the Boston marathon. Pictures and proximity aid my ability to empathize with the families, friends and witnesses of these catastrophes. But these aides are fickle.

Where do I stop feeling the pain of another human being? My heart hurts for everyone who was injured in Boston today. Should my heart hurt equally for the people who loved the 154,889 people who die every day? This would push me over the edge and render me incapable of doing anything to help. Should I only hurt for those I see horrific pictures of? That seems narrow.

The truth is, there are going to be people that ache and grieve in all sorts of ways every day. I think the best thing to do is say a prayer for those that suffer and do our best to improve the world around us. Chance is a terrifying thing and all we can do to fight the uncertainty of life is to enjoy every beautiful second to the best of our ability. Because even though people can be very cruel, love exists, which makes people beautiful. Even though fate can be very cruel, each and every one of us has received blessings to be thankful for.

I am so, so grateful for you, P. For a couple of seconds, I thought you were in very serious trouble, and it was the scariest couple of seconds of my life. Please stay safe.




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