One Hundred Cheerful Things to Do

This week has been hard on everyone.


Here are E and P’s suggestions on ways to cheer up this weekend.

1. Pet a puppy

2. Curl your hair

3. Sing a Disney song. E’s favorites are The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” and all of the Beauty and the Beast: “Be…Our…Guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!” P loves “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan as well as “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story.

4. Eat ice cream. Outlandish flavors like Phish Phood and Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie Galore are even better. Our favorite is Green Tea!

5. Hula hoop

6. Buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself

7. Jump rope

8. Kiss a frog

9. Take a bubble bath

10. Read modern fairytales. I love Gail Carson Levine.

11. Go to a museum

12. Paint a watercolor masterpiece. Just remember, put the colors on lightest to darkest.

13. Read a religious text. You should probably skip out on Revelations, though.

14. Read Eat, Pray, Love or The Happiness Project

15. Eat chocolate

16. Take a long, hot shower and then lather your entire body in lotion

17. Watch a show that makes you giggle, like “New Girl”

18. Make a root beer float

19. Babysit a kid younger than two

20. Braid your hair

21. Do your eye makeup in a new and interesting way

22. Change your hair. Dye it or get a new haircut.

23. Make your bed while rocking out to awesome music

24. Eat a peach- naked.

25. Sing in the shower. Also naked.

26. Make pancakes to bring to someone for breakfast

27. Write your grandma or another elderly person close to you a nice note

28. Get yourself a new pair of shoes.

29. Give someone a hug

30. Slip a note to someone telling them they’re beautiful

31. Slip ‘n slide

32. Go to the library

33. Make brownies

34. Go to the zoo or aquarium

35. Try yoga, meditation, and general mindfulness through breathing

36. Make a pet rock

37. Blow soap bubbles

38. Embark on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe

39. Watch awful, b-rated movies with friends.

40. Sleep. Just bask in the most natural of de-stressors.

41. Fly a kite

42. Go scuba-diving

43. Buy a pet fish

44. Form a back-rubbing chain (but not in a weird way)

45. Play twister (in a weird way)

46. Tell someone something you’ve never told anyone else

47. Get hypnotized here or here

48. Call your mom

49. Have a good, long cry. Possibly induced by “The Notebook”

50. Watch Amanda Bynes movies while reading her twitter

51. Go running at night time.

52. Watch old chick flicks like “John Tucker Must Die” and “A Cinderella Story”

53. Have communal snack time. (Everyone brings down snacks and then everyone shares. Its just like kindergarten all over again.)

54. Paint something.

55. Take a ridiculously and absurdly long bubble bath whilst drinking champagne and listening to Regina Spektor.

56. Write in your journal. Or cut up magazines and make sick collages.

57. Take photographs of pretty things like the clouds or flowers.

58. Just sit outside and let the wind blow in your face.

59. Take selfies.

60. Do anything except study.

61. Be grateful for how freaking lucky you are.

62. Think of clever tweets and then tweet them.

63. Go sailing.

64. Sit with your friends and let the crazyness ensue.

65. Play drinking games.

66. Sing songs while drunk at the top of your lungs.

67. Have mini races and sprint against all your friends.

68. Cuddle in bed with your favorite person.

69. Wear a baseball cap, backwards.

70. Buy stickers and then give them out liberally.

71. Buy a disposable camera and then take really epic pictures.

72. Go to Costco and buy ridiculous amounts of you favorite gum, your favorite dried fruit, and your favorite chocolates.

73. Spring clean your closet.

74. Hold a fashion show for all of your friends and try on all of the fabulous clothes and shoes you already own.

75. Discover wonderful playlists on grooveshark and 8tracks.

76. Get your inbox down to zero. (This always destresses me)

77. Kiss someone you like.

78. Nap as much as you please.

79. Decorate your office supplies with stickers or rhinestones, etc.

80. Chalk your walls! The walls in P’s dorm are brick so we can write and draw things everywhere.

81. Unpack all of your summer clothes! It’s time the shorts and tanks come out to play.

82. Lay out on the roof and soak up the sunshine.

83. Read all of your favorite blogs.

84. Give yourself a facial.

85. Paint each others’ nails.

86. Make gingerbread cookies (YUM)

87. Tend to your garden, which in my (P’s) case is a wine bottle filled with daffodils.

88. Take your vitamins!

89. Brush your teeth. I always feel better knowing I have a clean mouth.

90. Experiment with making different kinds of coffee and using different grounds/coffee mixes/amounts of milk/sugar, etc.

91. Go exploring in your city.

92. Dress up and then go out and get coffee. (P loves coffee in case you can’t tell.)

93. Take polaroid pictures.

94. Do some serious online window shopping.

95. Do jumping jacks.

96. Go to a record store and look through old music.

97. Learn to ride a skateboard.

98. Make tiny gifts or cards for everyone you love.

99. Go to a used bookstore.

100. Remember that everything happens for a reason.

Much love and happiness,



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