Take Off That Polka Dot Bikini, Girrrrrl

Dear E,

School’s almost out, and summer is almost here!!! You know what that means!! Days on the beach, making sandcastles, boogieboarding, going to the swimming pool basically every day, slip’n slides, snow cones, lifeguarding and basically anything involving water and cooling yourself off.

AKA, swimsuit time.

First off, we’ve got the trusty one piece swimsuit. Contrary to popular belief, the one piece does not have to be prude, boring, or grandma-inspired. Here are some of my favorite one pieces.


There’s the sporty look. Cut outs modernize the little black one piece.


The classy one shoulder in a bold color.


I love love love this one. It’s vintage lingerie inspired and I bet it makes your waist look teeny tiny.


This one is for the fearless of you out there with killer bodies, trying to make a statement. It says, hello, I am here.


This is a simpler version of the previous swimsuit. It has the modern cutouts but its much more sophisticated and subtle.



I love these two. They’re very unique and would be so much fun to splash around in.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a fan of the tankini. I think you gotta either go for the bikini or go for the one piece. I think it’s kind of like how I hate kitten heels. Go big or go home!

So now for the bikinis–


This one is very girly and cute!


This one is boho and i like the extended top!


I like this simple black number that’s spiced up with zippers and a high waist.


I love the simplicity of this one! The cute little flowers and the pale blue color are adorable.


You really can’t go wrong with polka dots.

I’m also really inspired by vintage swimwear. I love love love it.







There are SOOOOOO many swimsuit options out there!  I just picked a few of my favorites. Places I recommend for buying swimsuits





polyvore.com (Just type swimsuits or bikinis into their product search, so many options!)

If you want really simple and basic swimsuits I recommend checking out F21, H&M or Target!

If you want more unique pieces, you’ll have to look a little harder, but I promise, your perfect swimsuit is out there!

Good luck finding your perfect suit!

Sunshine and sparkles,


*This post is dedicated to E’s lovely and wild friend I, hope you enjoyed!


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