Happy Birthday, P!

Dear P,



I love you so much. I actually cried yesterday when you called, because your voice made me miss you THAT MUCH. I sometimes don’t really know how I function without you. Spring break with you was the most crazy fun I’ve had all semester. I don’t know anyone else who can play with ideas and radiate joy and energy like you do. When you’re around, everything’s an adventure and problems are challenges rather than obstacles.

I hope your nineteenth year is full of kisses and laughter, chocolate and dreams. I hope you tighten your sails and the wind catches them fully. I hope every step you take radiates sun-sparks propelling you to your fabulous future. The world is at your feet and on your string and all that stuff.

Prepare yourself for the birthday party we’re going to have while you are in Austin. Basically, the whole weekend will be one big birthday party.



P. S.- My mom says “Happy birthday”, too


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