I Want to Build the Perfect Sandcastle



Dear P,

Yesterday, my cousins and I visited a small creek near their house. I built this “sandcastle”:



It’s so ugly. It it so ugly. So. Ugly. I can’t even call it a sandcastle without putting quotation marks.

On a school orchestra trip in 2007, I watched the movie “Nancy Drew”. In the movie, as in the books, Nancy Drew has a wide variety of interesting talents. One of these is the ability to build the perfect sandcastle. Since I saw this movie, my own dungy sandcastles have filled me with disappointment. I think it would be an excellent party trick to be able to built an exquisite sandcastle from nothing but water and sand.

I’ve found a couple of examples from tumblr:








I like the idea of dying the roof and filling the castle with lights.

I have also researched some tips from the interwebs. This eHow article recommends building quickly with fine, wet sand. It also says to build patties on top of one another to promote stability. One you have created your foundation, you can carve out details using a fork or a stick. The technique of constantly patting your sandcastle down to make it easier to carve out is also highly lauded.

I think the problem with my sand castle is that the sand found near a creek is too grainy. The next time I am at a beach, I will put my new sandcastle-building techniques to use.

Wishing you sunshine,



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