Ten Blogs Someone Should Start Right Now

Dear P and other potential blog-starters,

1. A blog devoted to videos that were supposed to be pictures

2. A blog devoted to babies and puppies being friends




3. A collection of people looking at their phones who are about to get into disastrous situations

4. A blog of the first and last sentences of books, real and made-up

5. A blog about the life of Lemony Snicket, the alias of author Daniel Handler. Snicket has his own intriguing backstory in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” that was never really fleshed out. The internet would be an excellent place to do this.




6. A blog of obscure kitchen ingredients and their whereabouts. Filé powder was supposed to go into the gumbo A and I wanted to make one time. That gumbo never came to fruition because of that one spice.

7. A blog devoted solely to awesome Halloween costumes and how to create them. During the parts of the year that aren’t October 31st, the costumes could be put to good use at parties and other shenanigans.

8. A blog devoted to taking pictures of normal people like they are celebrities. It can be called “Paparazzi”.

9. A blog made by people who make amazing sand castles giving me advice. Lots of photos of their sand castles included. See two posts ago for elaboration.

10. A blog of street caricatures and their artists.




Happy blogging!



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