The Very Best Contests to Enter


Dear P,

Since you left, the world has gotten gray and stormy and all that. I have trying to keep myself on the up-and-up by trying to improve my whistling. So, naturally, I have been investigating where best to show off my skills.

It turns out, there IS a whistling contest! It’s called the “International Whistler’s Convention“, it is in Louisburg, North Carolina, and it has child, teen, and adult divisions. We could apply, P. The contestant has to whistle both popular and classical music. I think we could do it.

The world of obscure contests does not end at whistling. In my very own town, Austin, TX, there is an official pun contest. It is called the O. Henry Pun-Off and takes place in the O. Henry Museum. It has been going on without our knowledge since 1990.

The world of amazing contests does not end in whistling and puns. You can compete in jump-roping, hotdog-eating, and bubblegum-blowing. Fashion photography, dog grooming, and accents. The possibilities are endless.

Keep competitive,



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