Go England!


Dear P,

Happy twelfth day of being alive, Baby George! I am so glad you were born healthy and happy. Royal babies always make me slightly nervous; the royal family married their cousins for so many generations.

According to my schedule (pronounced shedule) baby George was supposed to be born about two weeks before he actually was. That’s when I was in England:

Having tea:



(Mumsey eating a scone)


Visiting the houses of famous Brits, like Winston Churchill and Vita Sackville-West:



I took a picture of these sandals because I thought these are exactly what you would wear if you lived in Edwardian England, P.


These are sock puppets of Virginia Woolf and Vita. While I was in the UK, I read Woolf’s “Orlando”. It was a very interesting novel inspired by Vita Sackville-West.


Feel free to revel in how fabulous Mumsey is. You should write a Flashin’ Fashion about her, P.


We also toured around London:




And the cliffs of Dover:





All in all, it was an amazing trip. I went to receive the Duke of Edinburgh award, which I began my sophomore year when I was a student at Malvern College. When you finally get your D of E award, after two fifty-mile expeditions, much volunteering, and the absorption of a new skill set (for me, rock-climbing and painting with oil colors), it is presented in St. Jame’s palace by the Duke of Edinburgh himself, Prince Phillip. It was a pretty cool deal, and I’m glad I went. You can only enter St. Jame’s palace under invitation from the royal family; I felt like a secret American spy. St. Jame’s palace was spectacular, but I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of the regal red staircase, the sextet that played as we entered, or the impressive portrait of Admiral Nelson I faced during the presentation.



Love you loads, P! You should post those haikus that we wrote- mine got deleted off my phone accidentally. I hope Cope Cod was fun. We should skype soon.

Hugs and kisses,



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