Dear E,

As you probably know, today was the first day of fall. I think now that I’m living in Boston, fall is one of my favorite seasons. This is what Boston looks like in the fall.



All of the trees have starting changing colors, the air feels crisp and clean, and there’s nothing better than biking across the bridge feeling my hair whipping behind me. Pumpkin pie flavors are popping up in all aspects of life (froyo, ice cream, coffee, etc), ideas for Halloween are already floating in the air, and slowly but surely people are beginning to unpack all their scarves and boots.



There’s something about fall that I really love. For some reason it’s like all of last year’s troubles and mistakes have been wiped away by a carefree summer and we’re starting anew. As a new school year begins, people collect new textbooks and notebooks and sharpen their pencils and minds and set out to achieve new things, to meet new people, and reach new goals.



The more and more I live in Boston the more I fall in love with it. On Saturday morning two of my friends and I woke up early in the morning to go run the Harvard Stadium. We biked over to Harvard, but then it turns out it was closed so we ended up biking over to Summit Ave to run up and down hills. It was awesome. We biked through all these cool areas like streets filled with tiny shops and cute restaurants and coffeeshops and we saw so many people up and about. I think the best part of that morning was once we were finished running the hills we biked down this GIANT hill. I felt like I was flying E. It was perfect. I was going soooooo fast, and the leaves were are swirling around me and I was laughing for no reason. I want to go back to that hill and sled down it when it gets cold.


Every time I bike or walk across the river in the perfect weather I like to think about how lucky I am that I live in the best city in the world and go to an awesome school and have awesome friends like you and all the people here. It gets really intense here and we have to study a lot, but somehow we still manage to have loads of adventures and amazing times.



S took this picture of us during a study break where we had an impromptu dance party in a random BU study area and then piled on top of each other.

Campus (and all of Boston pretty much) is filled with freshman and newbs to the college scene, old friends have been reunited, and we’ve really plunged into school. I’m already feeling the workload, but I also feel like it’s going to be a great year, filled with awesome new memories and unforgettable times.

Anyway, I love the fall in Boston. Everything is perfect for now.

Miss ya tons.




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