Emerging from a Slump



Dear P,

It seems like nearly all of my friends have failed a test, broken off a relationship, or gotten sick or injured in the last month. Even the sparklingly happy Ms. Darling wrote this article about trying to boost her own spirits. I’ve been trying to recover from my own bout of health issues that have been preventing me from running. Since I’m addicted to endorphins and my sleep is dependent on my exercise regime, this has made for a pretty grouchy E. Also, I don’t want to alarm you, but I found my first gray hair today.

Gathered here today are a few ideas I’ve been brainstorming for myself about how to make October beautiful, golden, and 200% better than September:

1. Be grateful. The number one reason some people are happy and some people aren’t is gratitude. Watch this video and click on the research article if you don’t believe me. There are an infinite number of ways to be grateful, and Alexandra Franzen goes over fifty beautiful ones in this article. Even though this month has been tough, there have been thousands of beautiful moments and things to be grateful for, like chocolate bars, nice texts from good friends, kisses and laughs had by all.

2. Cultivate self-disipline. For me, this means eating food that make my insides feel clean, keeping my room tidy, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, attending my lab every day, and not wasting time reading fun articles on the internet (like the one I’m writing now, irony be damned). It’s important to decide what self-disipline means to you and relish the feeling that comes from achieving it.

3. Listen to this awesome playlist that I made! I’ve been listening to the song “Counting Stars” on repeat.

4. Laugh a lot. I’ve been re-listening to “Bossypants” by the great Ms. Fey while I work on the frustrating-but-empowering task of re-training my body. Here you can watch one of my personal heroes, Dr. Oliver Sacks, on the Daily Show with John Stewart. Comment on this with your favorite laugh-worthy article or video.

5. Embrace change. I downloaded IOS 7 today. I like it. It’s just like the old version except more beautiful. My two As, S and C have been looking for a small house or big apartment to move into next year. We’re beyond excited.

I’ve been throwing myself into these positive steps with abandon, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that, in the end, it’s time that is going to make things better. With time, my illness will dissipate, my sleep will improve, and I will gain new tools to address problems in my life. It’s in both of our natures to work on something until it gets better, but some things only get better with time. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it helps me deal with frustration I have felt this last month. The next will be better for all of us.

Happy Octobers!



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