Good Morning, P! A catch-all post

Hey P!

It’s five o’clock in the morning here in the beautiful Austin, Texas. I feel honored to be part of the procession of early store workers, still-costumed party-goers, and Austin’s homeless population that are dragging themselves up the drag on this still autumn morning.

Here are a couple of updates about my life:
Last weekend, I went on a mini-roadtrip to the state fair with I and her roommate J. I can’t exaggerate the perfection of this day. We stopped and got kolaches on the way there at a place called the “Little Czech Bakery”, which I urge everyone to czech out (hehe) if they’re ever making the trek from Austin to Dallas.





On Thursday, A squared, S, C and I signed the lease for an apartment next fall semester. I have never felt so much like an adult in my life. I can’t wait to live with my best friends in an apartment in my favorite city in the world. Basically, all my dreams came true.


James Altucher started following me on twitter. It’s an auspicious beginning for my baby twitter account. A lots of cool new brain & psychology research has come out this last week: click here to read the similarities in the way the brain processes music and poetry, and here if you have ever doubted the importance of sleep. On my birthday, I ordered Nylon magazine for myself, and I got my first issue last week. You have been getting it for years, so you know this, but I was shocked to learn that it was so inexpensive. We should all take advantage of the magazine industry folding (I am rocking the puns so hard this morning). Besides Nylon, which I like to cut up and put in my art journal:

(Here’s a couple recent pages)

I recommend Wired and Smithsonian. One of my favorite ever TAs, Joe Hanson, now works for Wired. Here‘s his website, where you can links to his PBS show, “It’s Okay to Be Smart”. If you are still wanting for internet fodder, Gala Darling put out her October Carouselthis article is a good summary of everything James Altucher has ever written, and Maria Popova wrote this article in honor of Brain Picking’s 7th anniversary. If you are looking for a good during-school book, read Maximize Your Potential. It’s a series of essays by successful entrepreneurs. It’s easy to read and will keep you inspired.

I hope your tests went well this week. I miss your smiling face so much.

Loads of love,



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