Making Mondays Sunny

Hello my dearest E!

I miss you loads! I haven’t done a MMS in a very long time. I’ve been hella busy. My g cal looks like someone threw up all over it. I took my intro to neuroscience test today, so I have a few moments to spare before I start studying for my next few exams.

My favorite quote this week:

“You think I’m not a goddess?

Try me.

This is a torch song.

Touch me and you’ll burn.”

-Margaret Atwood, except from the poem Helen of Troy does Countertop Dancing


Things I’m Thankful For: S’s mom coming in from Finland and me getting to hang out with her, me hanging out with all of my best friends’ parents at red dress gala, getting all pretty for red dress gala, Starbucks and pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, costumes, dressing up, having a blast even if it’s while studying for 10 hours straight, my little who is very adorable and cute, my big and my big big who I’ve gotten exponentially closer to this semester, playing doubles in volleyball and the feeling of smashing a ball, S doing Harvard stadiums with me, S sharing chocolate with me, K for always dealing with me, cuddling with M, crisp fall weather, getting to wear boots and cute sweaters, frozen mangoes, eating cookie dough raw, watching Friends with all of my friends, an amazing night out with friends, having random skype talks with E, and all the amazing people I have for me here and back home.

Things to make this week sunnier:

I really want to try to slow things down because I don’t know where this semester has gone and I feel like I’m so busy ALL the time so I’m going to:

Try to work out more

Try to study ahead as much as possible

Try not to skip a single class

Do some journaling or read a few pages of a book

Take time to be present

Here are some pics from the last few weeks–mostly from red dress gala and Halloween (I was a minion):


Me and S


Left to right: me, M, Jaff, F, and S


me and my big!


me, M and S doing Charlie’s angels


Me and S (S was a leopard, original right?)


Me and Sherry!

Love you and miss you tons—have a lovely week and a sunny Monday E!




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