The Scent of Individuality

Dear E,

As you know I’m kind of a collector of perfumes. My bathroom at home is artfully arranged with different perfumes and my desk at school has it’s own little corner just for my oddly shaped magical little bottles. I love new scents and all the feelings and memories they evoke. Did you know the human brain can identify over 50,000 scents? Out of these though only 20% are pleasant smells. Some days I feel musky and deep and other days I feel light and flowery. Sometimes I’m sweet and sometimes I’m cool and fresh–my scent is forever changing and evolving, just like my style and my mind and my body. I found this really cool ad for an old perfume on the blog I wish all ads were still as cool as this. I don’t agree with all of the things on this, but I wanted to show it to you anyway.



Miss you loads E! Thanks for drawing me as a Disney princess. I absolutely love it. And it’s my background right now. Also talking to you on the phone cheered me up a ton. The week has already gotten a little brighter. Have a lovely weekend.




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