A Beautiful Day for a Thrift-Shopping Lesson


Dear P,

Sometimes, even thrift-shopping queens like us and Macklemore need a refresher. I don’t know if you’ve seen this TED talk, but it is adorable. Even if you don’t love all of Jessi Arrington’s outfits, you have to admit that her attitude is infectious. I’ve been missing our pound store back home: the thrift stores in Austin are more picked over. Here is a beautiful article on Rookie about Halloween thrift shopping with the band “Au Revoir Simone”. If you’re more into practicalities than aesthetics, there is also this article about how to thrift your holiday gifts. Here‘s an excellent article by one of my favorite bloggers, Elsie of “A Beautiful Mess”. Her tips are solid. My rules of thrift shopping are contradicting:

1. Keep an open mind

2. You don’t have to buy everything

Stay away from items that are awesome but slightly too big or otherwise not flattering. It’s easy to buy too much when everything is so cheap. On the other hand, you can find a lot of great vintage slightly out of the way. Keep your eyes and mind wide open.

The cover of this post is John Cusack in “Say Anything”, which I watched last night. It was a great eighties movie with an uplifting ending. I highly recommend it. I think they set a good standard to thrift shop to.

I hope you’re having a lazy Sunday,



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