No Luck with No-Poo



Dear P,

This is a picture of me the day before Thanksgiving with your friend G. At this point, I had gone three weeks without using shampoo.

Look closely at the picture. There is a greasy string of hair stuck to my forehead. My hair is up because it looked hideous down. The final straw was that I had a constant, slight headache that lasted for about two days. My hair, you see, is too heavy for my scalp to handle when it is too greasy. My family was horrified. Except for G, of course, who doesn’t notice superficial things like gross hair.

I was inspired to adopt the “No-Poo” method by this and this article. It sounded straightforward and appealed to two of my main sensibilities:

1. I am lazy.

2. I am cheap.

According to the authors of these articles, I should use baking powder and vinegar fake shampoo/conditioner for the first two weeks and then par down from there to once a week. I would only have to “wash” my hair once a week.

I lasted for three weeks. Honestly, I probably would have continued if I hadn’t had a headache and I hadn’t want my aunt to braid my hair. My hair had obviously started producing less oil: since I started using shampoo again, my hair has been as dry as our desert hometown. It still seemed pretty greasy on the day of the picture, though.

In conclusion, I would do some research into the chemistry of No-poo before I start putting baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair again. As my family pointed out, it is what fifth-graders use to make science-fair volcanoes. On the other hand, my hair did exactly what the articles said it would, so maybe I quit too soon.

People should try this they have hair that isn’t heavy like mine (so not you, P), don’t mind being greasy for a couple of weeks, and are very motivated to not have to use shampoo every day. The motivation is key.





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