Dear E,

I found a picture of us from the summer and decided I needed to post it because, obviously, you are my woman crush and today is Wednesday so a #wcw was in order. Here’s the picture.


I couldn’t tell you all of the details from that day, but I do remember paddling around Barton springs in the same canoe, and you laying down in my lap, and me forcing that random guy to take photos of us with my disposable. He was teasing me about it, but it was totally worth it. I remember making everyone take jumping pictures, and not much else, but I know I was thinking there was nowhere I’d rather be than with one of my best friends.

After I posted this picture I went on to go stalk your instagram. Some of your photos got upwards of 180 likes (like the ones of me jumping tehehe). I remember when you really got into photography. Every moment was a photo opportunity. We were such a dynamic duo, you with your camera always on hand and me with my awkward poses.

I seriously miss you so much. Looking through your instagram feed made me extremely happy and extremely sad at the same time. It brought back so many memories, of sunlight and the Texas heat and quests and having nothing to do except ride around in my car and blast music and find cool places to take pictures. We had it so good, E. The picture of you, me, JM, Gabe, and  Shalini in octathlon, being adorably awkward or the picture of the polaroids we took last New Year (which was amazing, because I can’t think of anyone else I would’ve wanted to start the night off with, slash holy crap, those gowns>>>>). There’s pictures of us making words with glow-sticks and spinning around in tutus we crafted with our bare hands. There’s pictures of us creating flower crowns in the summer and me throwing leaves into the camera in the fall and photos in libraries, in mirrors, in tunnels; the list goes on. Looking at all of your pictures makes me think of all the times we didn’t take pictures too, like when you and me and Wesley would skip orchestra to watch Harry Potter (woah the nerdiness of that sentence kills me), or when I would go to your house to nap in your bed because my house was on the other side of town, or that time we sat by the heart in the park and I cried my eyes out. It’s weird how many images our tiny old town holds for me. I can’t wait to be back so we can forge a whole new set of memories, hopefully with a few we manage to captures in time forever.

Sorry for being so nostalgic. Love ya!



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