P’s Favorite Things

Dear P,

Our hometown is still flat. It seems flatter without you here. I am missing you badly, and I feel bad that you are struggling with five finals.

Because you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I am writing this post about some of your favorite things. I was feeling nostalgic about how you used to come to my house every day after/during school, and I remembered how you would grab a bag of Oreos and eat them in my room. A quick wikipedia-ing reveals that you are not alone-Oreo is the most popular cookie in America. “America’s favorite cookie”, if you will. It’s owned by the company Mondelēz International, which also owns…wait for it…Cadbury!

Cadbury reminded me of all the chocolate we ate while we were in London, which leads to one of your other favorite things: traveling! I have had the pleasure of traveling with you around Italy and the UK. You are the best traveling companion. Your enthusiasm and sense of adventure blaze a trail before you wherever you go. Even when we encountered problems, like the evil Scottish customs officer, you held steadfast. You kept your sunny attitude even when we did less-than-your-favorite things, like cooking or mosaic making. When we lived in our flat hometown and it didn’t seem like we were ever going to escape, you forged ahead and fought to bring joy to your every day. I was happy to join you in this battle: hence the birth of this blog.

Actually, our first forays into using the Internet to fight off boredom did not start off with this URL; it started with Hey America. That’s right. I still have the link. Hey America joined together two of your other favorite things: fashion and quotes. Your last post on Hey America was this:

This was a fitting last post on your first blog. You, P, more than any other person I have ever met, refuse to let anything get in the way of your using your days to the fullest. You persevere. Usually that word is used to imply arduous, trudging labor, but that’s not how you persevere. You make progress with joy. Whether you are competing at the national spelling bee, carrying our high school volleyball team to state, or pushing through five finals at MIT, you are working as hard as you can and having fun while you do it.

Thanks for being my best friend,



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