The City by the Bay

Dear E,

Hello from San Francisco!! I miss you already but SF is amazing! I got here on Thursday and after I dropped my stuff off at the studio I went straight to work! Work is really awesome, but we do a lot. I like it thus far 🙂 Our apartment is tiny but like really really cute. It’s all white everything and three of the four walls are made of windows. There’s a tiny kitchen area, a closet, and a bathroom that I think is the same size as our kitchen lol. The bathroom walls are all covered in mirrors which is really cool. The view is absolutely stunning. Our studio has a door that leads out to one side of the roof thats really old but if you open the windows up (the windows are huge) you can climb right out onto the roof and see all of San Fran. We can see both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge from our roof. It’s literally STUNNING. Today was my first completely free day and it was really fun. I woke up and went for a run. I ran towards the pier (it’s a five minute run to the beach) and I ran west, towards the Golden Gate Bridge. After that I basically walked around a TON of neighborhoods alone and wandered into tiny shops and this morning I googled the best bookstores in SF and visited two of them. It was heavenly. SF is so beautiful. Minor mishaps: 1. Our apartment does not have wifi. This is actually extremely difficult I didn’t even realize how reliant I am on the internet. 2. It was raining all day and I was wearing a t-shirt. Oops, me being irresponsible as uge. I was soaked by the time I got back home and I kept getting weird looks but like whatever, it was actually kind of fun. 3. I got a bite or something on my toe like two days ago and it’s HUGE AND SWOLLEN and I cant put my shoes on without a huge amount of pain. I tried going to Walgreens to pick up medicine that my parents called in for me and I guess everything is closed on Saturdays and Sundays?! WTF. At&t was also closed! The people of SF really take their weekends seriously lol. So I tried to run errands today but failed. Oh well, hopefully my toe heals itself. I am going to buy shoes tomoro that don’t make me cry when I put them on my feet lol. Other than that I have had such a lovely time here. The food is real good. Like SO good. Also SF reminds me more of NYC than Boston just because of the sheer number of restaurants and stores. Anyway, the cafe that I am at is closing so I am posting this and I will try to update you again as soon as I get wifi! Love you and miss you loads!





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