Sunday Funday

Hello E!

I have been snapchatting you like a mad lady today 🙂 I miss you! And C. My life feels empty without you guys 😡 I also really miss my friends from school and my little brothers who are annoying yet freaking awesome at the same time (how do they do it?!) This morning I went up and went for a run, along a similar route as yesterday. And then I spent a couple of hours walking around the city. I went to Union Square where there is this HUGE Macy’s and I tried on a ton of cool things as you know tehehe. I am so glad I can snap you and C during a dilemma of what shoes to pick and you guys actually take me seriously and help me decide lol. Also, you guys decided on the same shoes and just cemented in my head the shoes I really wanted to pick lol. The weather was beautiful outside so it was actually really peaceful and fun walking around all day. Except after I went shopping I was kind of struggling going up and down the hills with all my bags. OMG the hills. It’s so hilly here E! Remember how a couple of days in the flat old LBK I was snapping you myself on the treadmill with incline all the way turned up? Well that’s real life here. Seriously, after a month here I am going to be SO READY for Mt. Kilimanjaro! Anyway after my explorations all day I was pooped so I went home and took a nap and then met up with my roomie at a cafe where we ate dinner and now here I am blogging. 🙂 I am going to wake up early to run tomoro so I will probably be in bed early. I’ll have to post some pics later this week when I get them from the phone to the computer. Miss you and love you!



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