What I’ve Learned Through Keeping a Logbook



Dear P,

I have done a pretty good job of keeping track of the day-to-day activities of 2014. The first week of school, I forgot to log some days. When I tried to write down the events of a day from the week before, I found that I was unable to. This terrified me and renewed my logbook gusto.

When photographing my logbook for this post, I found that I struggled to find a day that didn’t reveal too much of my personal life. The viewing and funeral days were too much. So was the day I got frustrated with someone close to me. I found two consecutive days that I documented well but didn’t contain anything crazier than the possibility that I might have tuberculosis.

I made my logbook out of an old textbook about animals that I found for $2 at goodwill. It has exactly 364 pages, so I started on the cover page. I glued in January’s pages in while watching the first Harry Potter movie with MuggleHustle’s audio hustle dubbed over. There are eight Harry Potter movies, so this strategy will last for eight months. Austin Kleon uses moleskins for his logbooks. There is no assembly required with moleskins and they would provide a nice consistency from year to year.

I keep my logbook to remind myself of the fun times I have had and to look forward to the blank pages. If I am not doing something productive or extraordinarily fun, I have a higher chance of catching myself and stopping because I will have to hold myself accountable by writing it down later. A logbook is motivation to keep myself living deliberately.

Have fun filling your own logbook, real or figurative,




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