What to Read Instead of the Eighth Buzzfeed Article


Dear P,

For a writer, this age of the Internet is the best of times and the worst of times. Getting your stuff out there is easy, but it is also easy for everyone else who aim only to distract you. Thankfully, quality curators exist to help us laypeople sort through the chaos. I just received Ryan Holiday’s monthly email full of great books to read this month. Gala Darling’s Carousel is another compilation of all the great Internet articles of the month. Rookie has a similar collection of weekly articlesScience Daily collects the scientific discoveries of the day, while NextDraft delivers the rest of the news. I also like getting the Writer’s Almanac and the Brainpickings newsletter in my inbox. If you’re into apps, look up the Wired news app.

With all these sources, it should be easy to find great journalism. In January, I had tea with my ex-TA Joe Hanson after tweeting him asking how I can write for Wired magazine like he did. He advised that I should probably start working on reading and writing longer nonfiction (especially science) articles. Writers have a special way of organizing these articles that’s hard to master. I struck out into the discovery of great journalism with a new purpose.

Medium is free and it has excellent nonfiction on it. They also send out a weekly newsletter. I tend to remember creepy articles that make me feel like I want to shower with bleach, like this one about a mysterious itching disease. Or this one that’s not about a serial killer. Wired has some of the best nonfiction writing on the Internet. Here’s a piece that I’ve seen referenced several times today. You should subscribe to Wired magazine. It’s only $5 for six months. You can help keep them going long enough for me to get my act together so they’ll let me write for them.

Junk goes in, junk goes out. I try to read good stuff so I can become a better writer and speaker. Engaging writing inspires me and keeps me focused on the stuff that matters.

Who are your favorite curators, P? Who influences what goes in that presidential mind of yours?


Good luck on the election,



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