A Snapshot of Home for P’s Finals Week


Dear P,

I’m sorry you’re stuck finishing finals. I have landed solidly in our hometown for the summer; you’re not missing much. It rained today for the first time since January. The smell was amazing. My granddad put a rain gauge in his front yard to measure the addition to the 9/10ths of an inch of rain we have gotten so far this year.

Before it started raining I went to yoga class with B at the new yoga studio on 34th Street. My brothers use my yoga mat to put under their sleeping bags during Boy Scout campouts, so it smells like campfire. The smell was distracting as I tried to focus my breath as I lay prone on the mat. My fourth grade reading teacher was doing the same thing next to me. Things are kind of awkward between us. I talked to her the first lesson I saw her. Since, we haven’t really chatted; we just smile and nod. What do you say? “Look, I have come far from the weird kid I once was, but I still can’t really do the third warrior pose?”

My chickens are doing well. I expected them to be picked off immediately by the foxes that live in our neighborhood after my dog died last month, but they are still hanging in there. They are so dumb it takes them a long time to realize when they are being fed. When they do realize, they attack their corn like little Velociraptors. It’s not hard to imagine how birds evolved from dinosaurs around them, but it still blows my mind. My mom made a new coop for them. You can just pull out a little drawer to get their mini-dinosaur eggs. They’re so dumb, they can’t count how many eggs they have, so as long as you leave a fake one they won’t get upset and start hiding their eggs somewhere else.

Last night I went to see Godzilla with B, H, J, and H’s boyfriend. We went to Sheridan’s afterwards. We watched a black pickup truck drive over a curve across a grass median into the Rosas parking lot. There were a lot of strange, green, square-ish bugs that kept getting in our hair and teenagers that dropped their frozen custard on the ground because apparently they’re dumber than my chickens. I knew the girl that made our ice cream. J and I tried to remember her last name as we approached her in line. Our hometown is just so small. It’s hot, dry, and claustrophobic in a nice way. Like a sauna with all your friends from middle school and their grandparents in it.


Come home soon, yeah?



Making Mondays Sunny

P’s Quote

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news my mom would always say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’  To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mothers words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers—so many caring people in this world.”

I know I already used this one this week but it’s so good I’m putting it on here twice. It was also really conducive to the week I’ve had.

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

Boston strong, the unity and community of this beautiful and strong city, police officers like Sean Collier, the BPD, the reactions to the bombings and shootings, how lucky I am to be alive and safe, that all of my friends are okay, and that fate somehow chose us to be the lucky ones.

I’m grateful for the millions of texts and phone calls and facebook messages I got from friends and family from all over.

I’m grateful that this week is over and that Boston and MIT are on their way back to how things used to be.

I’m thankful for the ability to move on from this, for impromptu dance parties in the thunderdome, for golf parties, for running across the Harvard bridge in shorts and sandals with the wind blowing in my face, for the amazing celebrations after the shooters were caught, the stunning view of the Boston skyline I have at all times, for the trees and flowers blossoming everywhere, the fact that p-setting is fun when you’re doing it with friends, jam sessions while studying, Sporcle, throwback Disney songs, throwback chick flicks that I watched with my friends this week like John Tucker Must Die and A Cinderella Story, my family, blogging, going to record stores with S, buying AWESOME records, the restaurant Veggie Galaxy where I had one of the best omelets I’ve ever eaten in my life, wearing hats, wearing bows, instant coffee, my tests for this week being done with, the feeling of finishing a pset, my absolutely hilarious friends, selfies at 4 am, talking to S until the wee hours of the night, delicious food at frat houses, dancing at the Estate, back massages late at night, B52 shots, polaroids, snuggling with your favorite people and froyo being delivered straight to your dorm.

Things to Make This Week Sunnier

Yea, this week is going to be sunnier no matter what I do, so I’m just going to enjoy the good weather, try to go running a lot, and explore the city as much as possible.

My thoughts will be with the affected individuals and families.

I love you so much E and I miss you and C loads and loads.



“But stupidity is one of two things we see most clearly in retrospect. The other is missed chances.”

“I told him he was certainly welcome to his opinion; like assholes, everybody had one.”

“Artistic talent is far more common than the talent to nurture artistic talent.”

-11/22/63 by Stephen King


Things I Loved This Week:

That twitter exists so that I could see all the times you were still alive this week (I still frantically called you- sorry, P), getting to home to see my mom, little bro, and grandparents, that I’m going to have an awesome summer, a great opportunity in the form of a summer fellowship, the perfectly ripe avocado I am currently devouring, and going to see the Lumineers with my friend J. Their opening act was called Shakes and Ropes and they were good, too – you should look them up. I’m grateful that my mom wasn’t even mad when I woke her up because I was crying so hard at the movie “My Girl”- it’s so sad, P. Only watch it if you are prepared to ball your eyes out. I’m grateful for my brilliant UT advisor who has helped me navigate my confusing and constantly changing schedule this week. I’m grateful for my massage yesterday and that I finished 11/22/63. I was a little disappointed at the ending, but, you know, we can’t have everything in life. I am grateful for the blogger James Altucher, whose stunning honesty makes his work absolutely groundbreaking. I’e been steamrolling through his fresh and interesting eBooks. I don’t completely agree with all of his ideas, but I like the gist.  I’ve been trying for total honesty this week, and so far it’s been very cathartic and no one I’ve talked to has been offended. We don’t even realize how much we censure ourselves.

Things to Make Next Week Sunnier

Follow Altucher’s rules on “How to be the Luckiest Guy on the Planet in 4 Easy Steps”, found here. I’ve been struggling a lot with the sleeping schedule, but I like the idea of going to sleep early so you can wake up early.

I’ve made plans to volunteer with kids twice this week! I’m so excited- I love chilluns!

Go through my full skin care routine every single night.

Keep up the momentum we’ve gathered on the blog this week! Your post was so moving and beautiful, P!

Bake night with I tomorrow!


I hope you have a super-fantastic week, P! Happy Earth Day!


Making Monday Sunny

What an eventful, emotion-full week this has been: “Hello’s!” and “Goodbye’s!” and absolutely everything in between! We’re all packed up and ready to go. P leaves for Boston today and I (E) leave Friday.

E’s Quote for the Week

“Unless one says goodbye to what one loves, and unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself and eventual extinction.”

Jean Dubuffet

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  • In a weird way, I’m glad it’s so hard to say good-bye to my friends and family. It’s easy to leave people you don’t care for. I think that’s what whoever coined the term “bittersweet goodbye” meant- bitter because it’s finished, sweet because it was fun. Dr Seuss has a quote about this: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”*
  • I’m thankful my family is all together for this week. Skype is a wonderful tool, but it’s still not the same as all being in the same place. For example, from Skype I could never have noticed that my little brother was riding around the neighborhood on a big red tricycle while wearing a fedora-
  • I’m oh so thankful for P! I can’t imagine having a better best friend! From going to Cracker Barrel at 7:30 AM after a night of no sleep to making vision boards to bonding over Harry Potter, we always get ourselves into crazy and fun situations. I’m going to miss her so much.
  • I’m incredibly grateful for my beautiful camera. This thing (a Nikon J1) is my pride and joy. It’s so small and cute, but takes amazing pictures. I can’t wait to capture Austin with it.
  • I’m grateful for the beautiful garden my mom has been growing. I have never seen so many tomatoes in the same place before.
Her secret?
Chicken poop fertilizer!

What I Want to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • Get geared up for Austin! This includes some serious thinking about the best way this could turn out, packing, and rearranging of my schedule.
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Make new friends at UT
  • Work on Spanish, chemistry and calculus

Have a great week!


*Subsequent research indicates that the source of this quote is debated

P’s Quote for the Week

“Where we love is home-home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Things I’m Grateful for this Week

  • My amazing family. It was SO sad leaving my family and I hate that I’m so far away from them, but I know I am so freaking lucky to have such an amazing family, in every single way possible. I, I can’t even start to express how much I love them.
Aren’t my little bros handsome? (:
  • My friends and all of the memories we’ve made over the years. We’ve done so many things—awesome, stupid, life-changing, fun, unforgettable things. I’ll never forget all of my wonderful friends back home.
Here are the girls! (:
  • E! Thank the gods on Mount Olympus that I happened to find myself such a spectacular best friend. We are, once again, 1696 miles away from each other, and although it sucks I’m really grateful for this blog and the fact that it will always be the link between us.
  • That I got to Boston safely! I’m here y’all! In my dorm! On campus! Everything went smoothly this morning—no flight delays, no lost baggage…nothing! It’s so weird actually being on campus. My roommates aren’t here yet. But I’m ready to meet them! Also, look at this pic I took from the plane! I didn’t edit it at all!!
  • That I’m going to be spending the next four years in the amazing city of Boston while studying at one of the best universities in the country and meeting some of the smartest, kindest, coolest and most driven students in the U.S. It’s safe to say it’s going to be the ride of a lifetime.
Here’s the dome at MIT!
and Boston at night!

What I’m Going to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • meet as many people as possible and have loads of fun at my leadership camp in Cape Cod!
  • decorate my dorm room and make it super homey slash cute
  • make collages of all of the pictures I printed out of friends and family
  • explore Boston
  • hopefully, possibly pass my diagnostic tests during orientation

Hugs and Kisses from my new city XOXO


Making Thursdays Sunny

Oopsie dasies! This week has been incredibly busy for both E and I and we completely forgot about Making Mondays Sunny! So instead, we’ll just have to make Thursday sunny. I mean, if we’re being real here, everyday is sunny for E and I. But here goes! (:

P’s Quote for the Week

“We’ve got our deepest hopes tattooed on our eyelids, so when we sleep we speak fireworks.”

-Know Hope (street artist in Tel Aviv)

Things I’m Grateful for this Week

  • my wonderful friends and family. They have made the last 18 years of my life so amazing and I am so sad to be leaving all of this behind.
  • on the flip side of things, I’m really grateful and excited for this new chapter in my life. Boston, here I come!
  • all-nighters. The next day is SUCH a drag, but they are SO incredibly fun when they’re happening.

What I Want to Do to Make this Week Sunnier

  • organize my mind
  • try to finish everything on my to do list
  • write thank you notes for people I am thankful towards
  • wear sunscreen


E’s Quote for the Week

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”

– The Bard

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  • Home! Home home home home home home! Home that smells like childhood on summer evenings. Home that holds my people. Home that has my Mumsey’s cooking. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.
  • That I finished my finals
  • My car. My dusty, red symbol of independence and adulthood that I have been reunited with at last.
  • My camera, which was waiting for me at home

What I Want to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • Take loads of pictures of my time home
  • Review calculus and chemistry so I don’t die in the fall
  • Tell my friends and family how much I love them!
  • Spend lots of time with P before she leaves for Boston!
  • Don’t let myself slack exercise-wise

Hugs and Kisses,